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Cutest Balloon Dog Bookends

These quirky modern art bookends are perfect for someone looking to add a touch of color and play to their bookshelves! Most are ceramic and fairly heavy so should hold up most book types. You should however handle them with care!

These sitting down / sitting up combo look very cute.

These pair of matching reaching up balloon dog bookends are equally cuter, and much cheaper than the pair above.

Alternative Balloon Dog Bookends

Although the two above are dedicated bookend styles, they are limited in color options. If you would like to consider different color options, then maybe consider these single standing ceramic balloon dog sculptures – they are heavy enough to be used as a bookend and can be used to prop up books on your shelves, AND they come in a much larger range of colors.

The advantage of using these is multi fold:

  1. The color options are vast
  2. The ability to mix and match colors instead of being stuck to just one
  3. Can be used as stand alone decoration of you get bored of them as bookends